Killdozer attack foretold current media pipe bomb attacks at CNN

New media attacks in America bring to mind the time our newspaper was attacked by the Killdozer here in Granby, Colorado 14 years ago. The new media attack, of course, is the pipe bomb mailed to CNN, probably by Cesar Sayoc, an extreme Trump supporter from Florida. The pipe bomb mailed to CNN was one of many he mailed to perceived “enemies” of President Donald Trump. The pipe bomb attack on CNN has echoes of the violent attack on the “media” last June in Annapolis, Md. There, five ...

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bogus dozer

Bogus Killdozer YouTube full of false facts

I received a polite e-mail through blog from a person who recently read my book “KILLDOZER.” He wrote that after reading the book he was “surprised to see your take on the whole situation. After doing a bit of my own research I’ve come to a different conclusion and I hope that you will too after taking a look at some of the comments in the video linked below. Seems like many fellow Americans like myself share a different sentiment.” It was from a guy who claimed his name was ...

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It’s fake news to say that Heemeyer easement was taken or lost

Fake news has become a key part of many people’s opinions about Marv Heemeyer’s Killdozer rampage. I know because I’ve seen it happen three times in the last week. There I am, selling my book KILLDOZER: The True Story of the Colorado Bulldozer Rampage, and a person tells me the same old fake news story. This well-meaning person tells me that Marvin Heemeyer was wronged by the town of Granby because the town took the easement to his property where he operated his muffler shop. This, ...

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