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Meme inspired by Heemeyer rampage in Granby becomes extreme right wing rallying cry

Boogaloo and Killdozer. These are two words I never would have expected to see in the same sentence. But Colorado’s strangest rampage and the current climate of Black Lives Matter protests and violent fascist reactions to them have brought these words into the same virtual realm. I knew right from the day he destroyed my town high the mountains of Colorado that Marv Heemeyer would become a hero in the world of hate groups and anti-government extremists. The last two chapters of my book ...

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This trailer image shows one scene from the film TREAD.

TREAD film preview is up on Apple Trailers, release date is Feb. 21

Information is now starting to come out on the status of the documentary film TREAD, a film by director Paul Solet about the Killdozer rampage that took place in Granby, Colorado. The film is based in part on source material from my book “KILLDOZER: The True Story of the Colorado Bulldozer Rampage.”   The film’s official trailer can now be seen on Apple Trailers (and other platforms). It was viewed many times for its first two days up on the platform, getting more views than ...

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Killdozer drinks now see the light of day

Yes, there are drinks associated with the Killdozer. And not all of them are alcoholic. So let me convey the details about the Killdozer drinks that may shed light on the bulldozer rampage carried out by Marvin Heemeyer in Granby, Colorado on June 4, 2004. Slimfast Yes, you read that right. The first Killdozer drink is Slimfast, a diet drink that is used to replace some meals to enhance weight loss. This drink is included in the Killdozer drink pantheon because it seems that Marv ...

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Echoes of Killdozer? Five journalists killed in Annapolis, Maryland

Five newspaper employees are dead after a shooting at a community newspaper, The Capital Gazette, in Annapolis, Md. After learning about this tragedy my heart sank and I shook my head in dismay. I know what it’s like to work at a newspaper and face an attacker who could kill. Our attacker had a longstanding dispute with the town and, at times, our newspaper. That’s exactly what happened to me and members of my staff at the Sky-Hi News in Granby, Colorado on June 4, 2004. Marv Heemey...

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new town hall

Granby eight days after the Killdozer rampage’s 14th anniversary

Here it is, 14 years and eight days after the Killdozer rampage that destroyed or damaged 13 buildings in the town of Granby. And, yes, the town looks different today than it did on the morning of June 4, 2004. Here’s a re-cap. The large metal shed where Marv Heemeyer built his 85-ton bulldozer-tank is now an office and indoor storage building for the Trash Company, the outfit that bought the property from Heemeyer for $400,000 in 2003. The office where people now do business is the ...

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Cartoon effectiveness of KILLDOZER comic

The cartoon effectiveness of the KILLDOZER

One look at the cartoon from 1973 shown above helps to explain one of the reasons I chose the name KILLDOZER for my book. My book is about the Colorado bulldozer rampage that took place in Granby on June 4, 2004. In true and classic comic book style, this great cover expands visually on all the aspects of the KILLDOZER name that make it appealing. First, it is out there and in your face. The name KILLDOZER has that curious appeal to it that all at once plays on the common noun “bulldo...

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The KILLDOZER was well-armed, stopping any and all bullets fired at Marv Heemeyer's creation, which he called Marv's MK Dozer.

When good guys with guns fail

Many good guys with guns firing away at a heavily armed rampager in Granby, Colorado failed to stop the violence with their guns. Why did they fail to stop Marvin Heemeyer during his rampage on June 4, 2004? Because Heemeyer conducted his rampage with a homemade tank that was impregnable to bullets and even explosives. Heemeyer, in essence, conducted his spree from inside what could be seen as a massive, marauding piece of body armor. Heemeyer’s rampage destroyed 13 buildings and caused ...

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rampage, heemeyer, killdozer, bulldozer rampage, Granby,

Other rampages, film may have influenced Heemeyer

Where did Marv Heemeyer get the idea for his bulldozer-tank? He never states in his tapes or writings where he got the idea for the tank or the rampage itself.  And yet, there were several incidents that took place in the 1990s, and one in 1981, that might have planted the seed. One incident wasn’t so far away from Granby. Rampage in Alma, Colorado In Alma, Colorado, another mountain town 70 miles southwest of Granby, a similar event took place in 1998. On Feb. 28, Thomas Dean Leask, ...

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50 Cal Gun

Heemeyer cites historical shootout to justify rampage

Marv Heemeyer, the builder and driver of the KILLDOZER, knew just enough Grand Lake history to justify and rationalize his attack on Granby, Colorado that destroyed 13 buildings and cost $10 million. The original shootout is well documented in Robert Black’s book about the pioneer days in Grand County, “Island in the Rockies.” Black’s book gives the best rendition of that infamous shootout that reads like a script from a cowboy Western. It happened in 1883 right along the western ...

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town hall leveled

Antigovernmental Antihero

Marvin Heemeyer may not have been particularly anti-government. Marv even says he sees himself as an American Patriot (which has other connotations too). But his fan base has taken his perceived anti-government stance and made it into a cult of adoration for Marv. This works to create an irrational sensation about government.  After all,  government has been taking it on the chin in America. It was in the Seventies when the American public’s perception of their government began to ...

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