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Granby eight days after the Killdozer rampage’s 14th anniversary

Here it is, 14 years and eight days after the Killdozer rampage that destroyed or damaged 13 buildings in the town of Granby. And, yes, the town looks different today than it did on the morning of June 4, 2004. Here’s a re-cap. The large metal shed where Marv Heemeyer built his 85-ton bulldozer-tank is now an office and indoor storage building for the Trash Company, the outfit that bought the property from Heemeyer for $400,000 in 2003. The office where people now do business is the ...

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truck in building

Did Heemeyer do Granby a favor?

Each of the targets of the rampage went through its own unique processes in rebuilding. Some received fair insurance payouts while others didn’t. For some, the insurance dealings were acceptable, for others they were a nightmare. After rebuilding Granby ended up with new and remodeled buildings it hadn’t had before the rampage. But that came with a cost both financial and emotional. There are those who think that Heemeyer did Granby a favor through the rampage. People jokingly, and some ...

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