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The KILLDOZER was well-armed, stopping any and all bullets fired at Marv Heemeyer's creation, which he called Marv's MK Dozer.

When good guys with guns fail

Many good guys with guns firing away at a heavily armed rampager in Granby, Colorado failed to stop the violence with their guns. Why did they fail to stop Marvin Heemeyer during his rampage on June 4, 2004? Because Heemeyer conducted his rampage with a homemade tank that was impregnable to bullets and even explosives. Heemeyer, in essence, conducted his spree from inside what could be seen as a massive, marauding piece of body armor. Heemeyer’s rampage destroyed 13 buildings and caused ...

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Other rampages, film may have influenced Heemeyer

Where did Marv Heemeyer get the idea for his bulldozer-tank? He never states in his tapes or writings where he got the idea for the tank or the rampage itself.  And yet, there were several incidents that took place in the 1990s, and one in 1981, that might have planted the seed. One incident wasn’t so far away from Granby. Rampage in Alma, Colorado In Alma, Colorado, another mountain town 70 miles southwest of Granby, a similar event took place in 1998. On Feb. 28, Thomas Dean Leask, ...

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50 Cal Gun

Heemeyer cites historical shootout to justify rampage

Marv Heemeyer, the builder and driver of the KILLDOZER, knew just enough Grand Lake history to justify and rationalize his attack on Granby, Colorado that destroyed 13 buildings and cost $10 million. The original shootout is well documented in Robert Black’s book about the pioneer days in Grand County, “Island in the Rockies.” Black’s book gives the best rendition of that infamous shootout that reads like a script from a cowboy Western. It happened in 1883 right along the western ...

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