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town hall leveled

Antigovernmental Antihero

Marvin Heemeyer may not have been particularly anti-government. Marv even says he sees himself as an American Patriot (which has other connotations too). But his fan base has taken his perceived anti-government stance and made it into a cult of adoration for Marv. This works to create an irrational sensation about government.  After all,  government has been taking it on the chin in America. It was in the Seventies when the American public’s perception of their government began to ...

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truck in building

Did Heemeyer do Granby a favor?

Each of the targets of the rampage went through its own unique processes in rebuilding. Some received fair insurance payouts while others didn’t. For some, the insurance dealings were acceptable, for others they were a nightmare. After rebuilding Granby ended up with new and remodeled buildings it hadn’t had before the rampage. But that came with a cost both financial and emotional. There are those who think that Heemeyer did Granby a favor through the rampage. People jokingly, and some ...

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